Chennai Rhinos Won the match against Karnataka Bulldozers

Chennai cine team lead by Vishal won the crucial match. Atlast santhanu came in crucial position of the match and takes maiden 2 wicket in a over. which remains as the turning point of the innings.
Karnataka led by cine star Kicha sudeep who was injured in second over of the match keeping behind the wicket. 
Vikranth youngster in chennai team played well and scored 40 runs and fielded well too. 
At first Karnataka Bulldozers won the toss and decided to field
Result: Chennai Rhinos won by 4 runs
Chennai Rhinos: 142/6 in 20 Overs
Chennai Rhinos Batting Scorecard: 
  • Vikraanth: 40 runs, 
  • Jiiva 26(Bowld), 
  • Vishnu: 27(caught), 
  • Shanthnu 4 (out), 
  • Ramanaa (out), 
  • Balaji1(out), 
  • Vishal 3 runs, 
  • Prithivi: 7 runs
Karnataka Bulldozers bowling: 
  • Sudhir 19 runs 2 wickets, 
  • Abhimanyu 27 runs 2 wickets, 
  • Bhaskar 20 runs 1 wicket
Karnataka Bulldozers - 138/10 in 19.4 Overs

Karnataka Bulldozers Batting:
  • Bhaskar 5 runs in 8 balls (lbw b Jiva), 
  • Pradeep 6 runs in 10 balls (ct Shanthnu b Jiva),
  • Sudeep 17 runs in 20 balls(ct Vikraanth b Vishal), 
  • Dhruv 37 runs in 42 ball (bowled by Karthik ), 
  • Karthik 1 runs in 2 balls (ct Ramana b Shanthnu), 
  • Keerthiraj 0 in 2 ball (ct Ramana b Shanthnu), 
  • Rajeev 30 runs in 16 balls (ct), 
  • Abhimanyu 3 run in 6 balls (run out by Shanthnu), 
  • Sudhir 0 in 1 ball (run out by Vikranth), 
  • Chandra 23 runs in 10 balls (runout), 
  • Darshan 1 run in 2 balls (Not out)
Chennai Rhinos Bowling:
  • Jiva 4 Overs 18 runs 2 Wickets,
  • Shiva 3 Overs 14 runs, 
  • Vikraanth 3 overs 29 runs, 
  • Vishnu 3 overs 17 runs, 
  • Vishal 3 overs 23 runs 1 wicket, 
  • Karthik 2 overs 20 runs 1 wicket, 
  • Shanthnu 2.4 overs 1 maiden 15 runs 3 wickets
Fall of wickets: 8-1, 23-2, 62-3, 91-4, 94-5, 94-6, 109-7, 118-8, 123-9, 138-10

At last chennai won the match.


CSK Roar Back Will it Continue ?

Hi friends today it has been a great match today between CSK and Royal Challengers. As in previous post i have mentioned it is an absolute ripper of the watch.

Both of them played well today as the toss won by Anil Kumble (skipper Royal Challenger) and selected to bat first they batted well in first 10 overs though they lose some wickets stay at run rate over 9.0 in first 10 overs. After which time goes in CSK's way. They struck important wickets includes kallis who hit 50 and again proves his form. At last kevin hit sixes in 19th over which was really great for viewers but they scored 160 runs at the end of the innings.

Chennai who bats second forced to chase 160 runs. As Vijay looks not in form hits huge sixes on on- side in praveen kumar's over which over turns expensive with 24 runs. He scored well in one side on the other hand Hayden looks for big one comes down the pitch in kumble's over and got stumped. Vijay hit 78(39). Sets the team a good chance to win but as he gone out for a catch to pandey. Dhoni comes in tried for big shot goes out for simple catch to dravid in steyn's over.

Later Morkel came in 1(3) Bowled by teammate kallis. Next Badrinath came in the match looks critical for CSK the crowd is on their edge of their seats. CSK needs 17 runs in last two overs with a new batsman in. But Raina played well, also vinay kumar gone expensive gave 17 runs in one over and hence CSK won at last but Royal challengers are still in top table and also CSK to go a long way back. 

CSK won by 5 wickets, looks promising but in bottom table.


Rajasthan Must win Today

Today Rajasthan and Delhi has a absolutely fantastic match which both of them will fight stronger since the both teams are already competing to qualifying for semi final. 

Today has an absolute match Rajasthan holds records that they never lost any match on defending more that 150 runs. So the Toss plays an important role in todays match. Since Delhi looks more compromising sehwag must have to play well today's match since he doesn't played well in the last match.

Also rajasthan's Warne, Yousuf threatens with their great form. On the other and Sangwan, Sehwag, Nehra, Dinesh Karthik, Mishra are in a great form too. 

Without any doubt this will be a delicate one that is absolute ripper of the watch. Watch it Don't miss it.

Will Chennai Strike Today

As chennai super kings looks a bit struggling even though they have strong hitters their bowling was not more compromising, they are in seventh place of the table they win only 2 matches out of seven matches.

Still Dhoni, Hayden, Morkel, Muralidharan played well throughout the tournament they lost five matches in three of them Dhoni hasn't played because of injury.
They must have to win to prove that they are perfect 11. They proved it in the past. They went for semi finals in IPL 2 and played in finals in IPL season 1.

On the other hand Royal challengers Bangalore looks like more promising team they played pretty worse in the first season of IPL. But played till finals the last season. Also stays at second place in the score table.

Lets watch today noon 3 P.M will chennai strike or Royals RoaR.

Top Team Vs Last Team

It was exciting match between Punjab and Mumbai which was held in Mumbai on 30th march (yesterday). It seems that Mumbai which is in a great form stays at first position from their first match have more confidence. They look like they will never lose or give up any match in series also they want to ensure DLF IPL Cup in season 3.

The toss won by Sachin Captain of Mumbai Indians and forced Punjab to bat first. As punjab begins their innings they lose their wickets soon but Marsh who opened innings with Bopara played an brilliant innings for punjab. Punjab lose their first two wickets all of sudden. Irfan pathan and Marsh partnership looks more promising, Yuvraj singh again goes for 2 runs, at last punjab scored 163 for all wickets.

Then Mumbai opened their innings sachin lost his wicket very soon, he struggled a lot yesterday. Dhawan the left handed opener played a brilliant innings he makes half century also pollard played wonderful innings. But still match goes well for both sides mumbai lost 6 wickets and struggled. In last over 6 runs to win Harbajan and Sathish played well. 

At last Mumbai win by 4 wickets still in top of the table also as it looks punjab again fails to prove their power still in the bottom table.